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After a winter that seemed to last forever (and a nonexistent spring), summer is finally here and in full swing! Now that we are done with cold morning and surprise snows, we can kick back, relax, and enjoy these school-free days. Some of us are planners who have packed a million small adventures into the next couple of months, and some of us plan on doing nothing but laying by the pool and working on
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First Orthodontic Visit

Posted by Dr. Allen Langford on May 31, 2018
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When it comes to an orthodontic treatment, it’s all about the timing. You or your child might not be ready for treatment. That’s why we want to examine your teeth and bite, so we can better understand your needs. At Langford Orthodontics our goal is making sure all your visits with us are pleasant and informative. Your first appointment will consist of an examination and a discussion of potential treatment options. This important visit addresses
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Two-Phase Treatment

Posted by Dr. Allen Langford on May 31, 2018
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A good-looking smile takes a lot of work. After an orthodontic evaluation, Dr. Langford may talk to you and your child about two-phase treatment. Many people are unaware of this treatment and may feel intimidated by it, there’s so no need to feel alone. Langford Orthodontics is here to put you at ease and give your child the healthiest smile possible. Two-phase treatment is straightforward and nowhere near as daunting as it sounds. It’s a
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If you have been considering braces for yourself or your child, then you may be wondering if you can just have your general dentist perform the procedure, or if you will need to see an orthodontist. Perhaps you are wondering what an orthodontist might have to offer you that your dentist does not, or you are unsure of the differences between the two. There are many valid reasons to consult with an orthodontist when contemplating
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If you or your child are currently in braces, you have probably learned quite a bit about your teeth, and about orthodontics in general, throughout the course of your treatment with Langford Orthodontics. But there is one related subject that you might be lacking in knowledge on: wisdom teeth. Though they may not be an obvious choice of orthodontic discussion, your wisdom teeth can play a part in your overall oral health, and it is
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So you are getting braces to create that smile of your dreams, and now it is time for choosing colors. This can be one of the most exciting parts of an appointment, but we understand that it has the potential to be a little stressful for someone who is new to the process. We have heard hundreds of questions over the years such as, “Which colors look best?” “Are there certain colors to avoid?” “What
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Orthodontic treatment of any kind takes patience and dedication on your part, and it is such a liberating feeling when the day finally comes for your braces to come off! In all the excitement, though, it can be easy to forget that you have got a little bit further to go on your orthodontic journey. As a Langford Orthodontics patient, you have probably spent enough time around the office to hear us talk about retainers
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Orthodontic Options For All Ages

Posted by Dr. Allen Langford on January 18, 2018
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When it comes to orthodontic treatment, tweens and teens tend to come to mind immediately, since they are the patient population people are most familiar with. Parents are often surprised to learn that orthodontics can benefit younger children and adults as well! Here at Langford Orthodontics, we believe that a beautifully aligned, fully functioning smile can be achieved for patients of all ages through the kind of quality orthodontic care we offer. If you are